I’m not even sure where to begin with Ben Carson.

I know he’s literally a brain surgeon. Google tells me so. But sometimes when Carson, our brand-new secretary of Housing and Urban Development and President Trump’s inner negro circle says…well..words, I’m genuinely confused as to how he understands how neurons fire but he doesn’t understand how something as horrible as slavery works. Don’t believe me? Check out this snippet from his ridiculous speech to his brand-new employees in HUD where…I…I can’t even try to explain. I’ve left a lot of speaking up front (probably about 2 minutes) so that I won’t be accused of editing Dr. Carson’s words.

But…I…that’s not…who in the world thinks that slaves were just immigrants who wanted to live their dreams? You mean a dream of not being snatched up and sent to the bottom of a boat in horrendous conditions so that they could be beaten, sold, raped, murdered…I’m sorry. I forgot my point. Because when you stop to think about the horrors that my ancestors lived through, to think that anyone, especially a gatdamb Black man in America, would refer to them as immigrants is just…

I’m going to go have a drink.


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